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Coriolis Wind

Coriolis Wind

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Coriolis wind develops innovative renewable wind energy

systems as an alternative, economic and green source of

producing electricity. Our mission is, to introduce wind

harvesting to unexploited regions of low and turbulent winds,

including both wind-energy farms and residential applications.

Due to the risks of global warming, the quest to find clean renewable

energy sources has become paramount. Therefore, the direct

conversion of wind to electricity is fuelling a 25% annual growth in the

$30B wind industry.

Current wind turbines are only cost effective in large open areas of very

high wind and low turbulence. If wind energy could be harnessed in

areas of low and turbulent winds, the potential of this energy source

would be greatly increased.

Coriolis wind has overcome this challenge through innovative

aerodynamic, modular, and scalable core technology:

Patent pending aerodynamically designed turbine blades, achieving

40% lower $/Watt for relatively low winds and turbulent environments

Patent. pending scalable and modular design for multiple

configurations. Safe, quiet, aesthetic, low vibration and stress. Low

production cost - produced with plastic injection technology.

Co-founded in 2007 by leading entrepreneur and investment

company Precede Technologies, together with Mr. Chai Toren (CEO)

and Dr. Shuki Sheinman (CTO) - experts in the wind energy industry

- the company is funded by leading VCs. After successful prototype

feasibility tests, Alfa testing is planned for 2009. Coriolis Wind

solutions offer attractive ROI and will dramatically alleviate the global

energy crisis.




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