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Comsys - Communications and Signal Processing Ltd.

Comsys - Communications and Signal Processing Ltd.

Technological -




Comsys Communication & Signal Processing Ltd., established in 1998,

is a private Israeli fabless semiconductor vendor supported by leading

VC funds such as Pitango, Genesis Partners, Microdent and Koor


Pioneers in mobile WiMAX/Cellular convergence, Comsys has

developed the ComMAX - an innovative multimode baseband

processor on a single chip that supports full mobility, enabling mobile

Internet services anywhere, any time.

Comsys is the ONLY Company in the market today providing a Mobile

WiMAX/GSM-EDGE multimode solution in a single chip that has been

designed to optimize low power consumption, size and cost, factors

which are essential for the manufacturers of next-generation mobile

handset devices.

The award-winning ComMAX solution enables the user to be

seamlessly connected while on the move, even at high velocity, and to

utilize various mobile handset functionalities simultaneously: navigating

using GPS while talking using a GSM or WIMAX network, while at the

same time web browsing and getting internet data into the terminal.

It is clear that the ComMAX solution will have a major impact in

the market, given that mobile handsets supporting internet/cellular

platforms are expected to capture a significant portion of the world


Communications will become more efficient in developed regions, with

people on-the-move better connected at more affordable rates. While

in developing regions, the expected impact of providing affordable,

high-performance wireless Internet connectivity is huge.

Comsys has partnered with global leaders in the Cellular industry to

provide customers with a totally integrated solution that significantly

reduces costs and shortens time to market.




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