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CheckLight’s mission is to enable global water utilities to supply clean and

safe drinking water by developing, manufacturing and marketing cost

effective automatic water quality monitors. The company was founded

by Professor (Emeritus) Shimon Ulitzur and his daughter, Dr. Nirit Ulitzur

in 2001.

Light emitting bacteria are used as sensitive sensors to detect dangerous

changes in water quality. Changes in the level of luminescence indicate

potential toxicity. The technology has been shown to be substantially

more sensitive than other commercially available luminescencebased

tests. The technology has been verified by the ETV program

sponsored by the Homeland Security Board of the U.S. Environmental

Protection Agency.

The ToxScreen-OnLine monitor was developed in order to answer the

need for a general early warning system for toxic events in water. This

advanced instrument will reliably identify low probability/high impact

chemical contamination events in source water or distribution systems,

in time to allow an effective local response that reduces or avoids entirely

the adverse effects of the event. It provides continuous, accurate,

and reliable real-time information and enables remote operation

and control.

Implementation of this technology in water utilities across the world

will enable water providers to obtain early warning on any significant

change due to either intentional (terrorism, sabotage) or accidental

contamination of the water - thus increasing public safety and





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