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Camero - Tech Ltd.

Camero - Tech Ltd.

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In an age of raging terror and persistent conflicts around the globe,

Camero’s technology and its Xaver suite of through-wall imaging

systems offer a unique capability. Camero’s products provide a

new level of situational awareness for tactical teams conducting

urban operations. Real time information from behind solid walls

can now be obtained, reducing uncertainty and increasing mission

success. Founded in early 2004, Camero is focused on the

development of through-wall imaging sensor systems, implementing

Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology for applications in the defense, law

enforcement and homeland security markets. Camero offers a family

of products for these applications, ranging from high performance

systems for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR)

missions, to compact devices for the use of tactical teams in

the field.

Camero has approximately 40 employees working in two main

locations: an Israel-based R&D center and the global sales and

marketing headquarters in Virginia, USA. The company puts a

strong emphasis on the quality of its processes and products and

is ISO9001 certified.

Camero is run by a seasoned management team with decades of

experience providing solutions to major government and commercial

customers. Camero benefits from the strong financial backing of

leading Venture Capital investors and from its strategic shareholder,

Motorola. Also supporting Camero is an Advisory Board comprised

of prominent industry experts with vast experience in the military

and first responder communities.




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