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Israel Would be Better Served by Presidential System

15/05/2008 | 16:52   Lone Star Communications


For Immediate Release                                            15 May 2008



Israel Would be Better Served by Presidential System


(JERUSALEM)- On a panel discussing the topic of Jewish leadership at the “Facing Tomorrow” Conference in Jerusalem, Professor Yehezkel Dror, a vocal member of the Winograd Committee, said that while much had been accomplished in Israel’s first 60 years, the future of the Jewish state remains uncertain.  Dror, the president of the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute, also called on Israel to move over to a presidential system that would be better equipped to face the challenges of tomorrow.  In discussing the current state of Israeli leadership Dror said that “The quality of Israel’s political leadership is seriously lacking, with too few leaders able to deal successfully with the challenges of the 21st century.”


According to Dror, Israeli leadership is lacking in their ability to understand the significance of being both a Jewish state, and a state of the Jewish people, and an inability to bridge the gap between idealism and realism.  This creates a situation where too much time and effort is placed on tactics, while too few resources are put towards long term strategic thinking.


Dror claims that by abandoning party primaries, moving towards a presidential system, enacting a code of ethics for political leaders, and demanding personal responsibility from politicians who fail, new political leaders will emerge who are able to deal with the issues facing Israel in new a creative ways.  This could be enacted, according to Dror, by creating an institute dedicated to grooming tomorrow’s leader for both Israel and the world Jewish community and to encourage them to enter the political system.



Facing Tomorrow, the first annual conference of Shimon Peres' presidency will take place in Jerusalem May 13-15marking Israel's milestone 60th anniversary, at the International Convention Center.

World leaders, thinkers and doers, artists and scientists, rabbis and entrepreneurs including the next generation of leadership will contribute to the conference's work.


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